Happy Fourth of July, Romance Readers!

Because life is just like this sometimes, the post I had wanted to write for today did not come to fruition. It was not for a lack of trying either. My computer refused to cooperate and literally ate up and swallowed away the post I’d started into the black oblivion of lost documents (probably the same place lonely, single socks hang out). So, here we are, the day before Independence Day, and I thought I’d send out a different (read: what my tech-frazzled brain came up with) post than I’d thought. But then, God has a way of working through the things we call unexpected, doesn’t He?

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A couple things came to mind as I thought about the 4th coming up this week– bear with me as we stray slightly from romance books today– this is a holiday that can bring people together but it’s also a time when, for many people, they’re reminded of how disconnected or lonely they are. I don’t want to bring a rain cloud upon anyone’s 4th of July parade, but that is life and that’s reality. As one imperfect human to another, I confess I’ve often felt on the ‘outside’ looking in, but I’m sure I’ve also unintentionally left someone out.

As a writer, it comes in handy that I’m naturally an introvert, but I’ve realized over the years I need other people too. We were created for relationships. First and foremost, we were created to have a close, loving relationship with our Heavenly Father. But we’re also made to commune, connect, and show kindness to family, friends, our children, spouses, people in our church, people on the street, at the library, gas station, etc.

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It doesn’t necessarily mean we invite every stranger we meet over for a barbecue, but maybe, just maybe, there’s that widowed neighbor who’d like to come across the invisible yard divider and eat a grilled hot dog with our family tomorrow. Or maybe there’s the person who always comes alone to church who’d love to come to the fireworks display with us if only he or she were invited. Or there might even be a family member or friend who we haven’t talked to for awhile. Maybe there’s been a fight or some unspoken tension, but we know all it would take is a phone call to open up communication again, and they’d come to our family’s beach day in a heartbeat. Trust me, I’m talking to myself as much as anyone.

Do we notice the hurting? Do we notice the lonely? Do we open our circle a little wider to include them? These are questions for my heart as well.

We each want to feel loved. Invited. Included. To have a place. That yearning doesn’t end with our school days. It may change but it doesn’t go away. We are made for kinship.

And, I know for me, as a writer and a reader, that’s why I love stories with a lot of heart– ones where the relationships are so real. Because in each of of us, we have a desire for that in our own lives. I enjoy seeing it played out so well in the books I love and I strive, as an author, to bring authentic friendships and romance to each page I write.

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I really and truly pray for blessings and joy for all of our celebrations tomorrow and may it be a time for togetherness. After all, it took a whole lot of brave camaraderie to gain Independence. Let’s celebrate and remember. Together.

I would love to know, what are your 4th of July traditions? Has anyone ever invited you into their family gathering or vise versa? Tell me all about it!




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