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The Most Adventurous Place on Earth

Have you ever met an explorer? One of those people who doesn’t just travel and site see but goes to the craziest places and sees stuff that makes the average person (even in this global, digital world) go, “Wow!” Well, I got to hear a presentation by such a person once. He told stories, showed pictures, and then he recounted a conversation he’d recently had. A person asked this world explorer, why, of all [...]

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Author Interview: Tara Watson

We have something special for you today -- we'd like to introduce you to fellow clean romance writer Tara Watson. Tara has a new book coming out TODAY, and we wanted to help her celebrate by spreading the word! We also want to give you a chance to get to know Tara, so we sent her some questions to find out about her (specifically her reading habits). Tara Watson is an author, reader, and [...]

Ready to Read in 2019

Last year I made a disturbing discovery: I'd stopped reading. (Let me give you a second to pick yourself up off the floor and calm your racing heart...) Sad but true, I'd become so focused on the writing and editing and teaching that I stopped reading for fun. I read books that I thought would help my career and I read books to review, but that's not the same a finding a title that [...]

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‘Tis the Season for Traditions

Hello, Romance Readers’ Café patrons! Happy December! I hope this advent season finds you well. Are the lights and stockings hung with care in your home? Is there the hustle and bustle of cookie-making, menu planning, and present buying? How about the excitement and anticipation of the glorious day we’ll celebrate on December 25th, in which God put on flesh, becoming a child who would grow up to save us all? Yeah, we’re in [...]

What this writer is thankful for.

Being a thankful writer Thanksgiving is upon us. It's time for family and fun and food and football. I'm looking forward to our family traditions and the break from our normal routine. 🙂 But before I dive into all of those great holiday plans, I want to pause and reflect on what I'm thankful for. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is truly about? Here are some things that this writer is thankful for: Ideas For [...]

The Man, the Myth, the Yooper (Stewart)

March, 2005: Mall Coffee Shop Having just dyed my hair red, I stopped by the mall to show my friend Jess. She was working the opening shift at the coffee shop, so I sat on one of the two bar stools to show off my new mane while she whipped up lattes and handed out free senior coffees. We managed to carry on a conversation in between orders. Then “he” showed up. Worn and [...]

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