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It’s Just Like Every Other Job (Sort Of)

Have you ever been invaded? It happens to me every summer for at least three weeks but it can last as long as nine weeks. It’s usually a lot of fun – trips to the beach, Mackinac Island, the drive-in movie, wine tours, bonfires. What’s not to love, right? Here’s the honest truth though: I love 90% of the summertime invasion. That other 10%, however, can stress me out. I thrive in structure, and [...]

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How Did You Fall in Love? … With Romance Writing

So, this may come as a shock— especially since I’m the girl who watches a war movie with the hubby, searching for some morsel of romance amidst the blood and explosions— I didn’t always write romance. There was a time when I’d never even read a romance book, steering clear of that ‘fluffy’ stuff, going straight for the literary fiction, classics, or, more often than not, speculative. I love to know how people got [...]

It’s my party and I’ll meme if I want to

To celebrate the anniversary of my twenty-ninth birthday, I give you nine glimpses inside the writer life—in meme. Does that explain a few things about someone you know? Can you relate to any of the above? Maybe you’re a storyteller in the making! ///

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Not a Solitary Profession

. Last week was a really great week in writing. I wrote seven chapters in as many days. This week, I’ve spent more time resting, drinking tea, plotting and being engaged in tickle-wrestling-wars on the trampoline. *** I have spent less time writing. Less time all by myself, fingers stuck to my keyboard, eyes trained on the words of the screen, smiling at the joy of writing, frowning because what on earth is scene [...]

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How do you feel when you reach the end?

Sigh. The end. Two words that are so simple and yet filled with impact. As an aspiring romance writer, I've been inundated with the firsts of my work in progress: the first line, first paragraph, first scene, first chapter, etc. I've written and edited and rewritten my first chapter so much that I'm actually sick of looking at it. I know the beginning is important, but when I finish reading a book, it isn't [...]

When More Is Better: New Author Hitting the Scene!

The only thing better than a good book is another good book! And I can’t believe I’m finally saying this, but … My debut novel has a release date! That’s right. After eleven years of writing and submitting, Elk Lake Publishing is going to publish my first novel, and it’s a perfect fit for the Romance Reader’s Café – it’s a contemporary, Christian story with a healthy dose of romance! It’s actually my second [...]

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