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Where’s the Romance?!

My husband and I are going through a pretty stressful time. He’s just retired from the Air Force, took a new job in a different state, and is leaving this Sunday to go down there and start work while our kiddos and I stay behind to finish school and sell our home. All with a looming deadline on a story coming due, fixing the house up to get it ready to go on the [...]

Is Handsome Too Handsome?

I was looking out my kitchen window one morning and noticed a rather plain looking bird eating the berries on the bush outside. It was a cardinal. I had to study it to figure out what it was because cardinals are red ALL over, aren't they? The males are. Maybe I should have paid more attention in science class. 😉 Anyway, that got me to thinking about other animals where the male is decked [...]

If TV’s Castle Had Been Realistic

I loved the TV show Castle. A best-selling author struggling to find inspiration for his next story who ends up finding love, making friends, and creating one of the worst series endings EVER! (I’m still bitter about that.) The truth is, however, that very few writers actually have the luxury of only writing all day. Sure, Debbie Macomber, Stephen King, and Janet Evanovich can spend all day writing, but that’s because they’re international best-selling [...]

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Man Brain

Gorgeous eyes. A captivating smile. Carved muscles. Sounds like the perfect hero in a romantic novel, right? What about adding some boxes? No, I said boxes, not boxers—this is clean romance. 😉 Long ago I heard the idea that a woman’s brain is like spaghetti and a man’s brain is made of boxes. Females analyze, quickly rabbit trail, read into things, are perceptive, intuitive, make connections, plan ahead, and all at once with a [...]

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Clean Romance Giveaway!

Confession: writers are human. We make mistakes, we get upset, and sometimes we get sick and can't write blog posts. We don't want to disappoint you, though, so we're going to make sure you get a blog post today (because we promised you one!). Since we're all busy and we weren't sure if we could guarantee you a great topic, we decided to feature our very own Mikal Dawn and give YOU a chance [...]

Looking for Love in All the Right Places

Okay, so there really aren’t many wrong places to look for love. Not in my scenario, anyways. Because I’m not looking for love for myself. I’m looking for love for my readers, or specifically, love stories for my readers. As long as I can remember, I've been soaking up love stories wherever I've come across them. Whether the romance was there in the original story or not, I'd spin it anew, in lace and [...]