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All the Snuggles

Admit it: your favorite part of a romance novel is the first kiss. It’s okay, this is a safe space. You can be honest. We’re all here for the same reason – we love clean, contemporary romance. We’re not looking for sex or swearing, but that kiss … There’d better be at least one, and I want it to make my heart twitter! I’m a big fan of kissing. It shouldn’t surprise me. I’ve [...]

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What’s Your Type?

Finding your fictional perfect match! Hi everyone! How’s your early summer going so far? Any moms out there equal parts excited and nervous about the prospect of children home all summer? Just me? Okay! So, as I was contemplating music genres for my next work in progress—where the female lead is a former classical singer and the male lead is into 80’s rock and folk music—I started thinking about how the books we gravitate [...]

The Music Of Fiction

Do you ever hear a song that makes you soar above the clouds? For me, a particularly inspiring song usually gets my writer brain going. I can’t listen to music while I write, but I can’t create a story without music. This is how it usually goes: I got a story idea for my WIP (work in progress) that I loved. But then I got stuck. Who are these characters? What do they want? [...]

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Cowboy Giveaway!

Hello all! This weekend was my 29th birthday (yes, the FIRST 29th birthday). I wish I could give away 29 books to celebrate. Instead, I’m giving away a Kindle copy of one of my all-time favorite books. I’m even reading it right now, trying my best to stretch it out as much as possible. Because this is one of those books I wish I could stay in, almost, forever. Becky Wade’s “Meant to Be [...]

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People Being People

You know what I like about stories? People being people. People are interesting. Or is it just me? Everyone has something special about them. A quirk, if you will. I read a book recently where one of the characters talked to the cars on the road and did online stress shopping. Yes Austin, you know that story 😉 (Falling For You by Becky Wade). These were small things in the grand scope of the [...]

What Were You Reading?

Hooked on Phonics worked for me! That’s not a pitch, that’s the truth. I wasn’t a great reader as a kid. Neither was my sister. My mom wanted to make sure we didn’t fall through the cracks, so she ordered Hooked on Phonics. (Mr. GH is a funny little man...) We worked our way through the program and ended up learning to read (go figure!). I’d always enjoyed books, but once I could read [...]

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