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I’ve been away from the blog for a while. I have not spent my time writing a literary masterpiece (I wish), I’ve just been very sick (yes, for months, it hasn’t been fun). The upside is that I’ve had lots of time to read and listen to books.

Several of the 31 books I’ve read this year have been debut novels or one of the first few books from an indie author. Repeatedly the debut or indie books have been my absolute favorites.

It’s very disappointing to happen upon a new favorite author and fall head over heels in love with their writing just to discover that this was their first book, and the next one is releasing years from now.



So, how do you make a favorite author write faster?

Well, you could show up at their door and offer free babysitting or housecleaning, hire them a personal chef, or personally buy so many of their books that they need a second printing.

However, if you lack the funds to do this (personal chefs are expensive after all), here are a few things you can do to support your favorite authors for FREE:

1, Buy Their Books

Not necessarily free, but often authors/publishers run promotions where the Kindle version of their books will be FREE for a few days during a flash sale. There might be no money exchanged, but it still benefits the author because it “counts” as a sale.

2. Get Your Library to do the Dirty Work

i.e. get your local library to buy the book. Most libraries let you suggest book purchases. Usually, there’s a form on the website, or there might be a form you can fill out at the desk. If you need the ISBN or publisher information you can often find this on Amazon or by Googling the author/book.

3. Leave a Review

Online reviews are the best way to thank an author. You don’t have to write pages on pages or an analysis that would make your high school English teacher weep. Even “I liked it.” is enough to boost a book’s ratings, and if you want to write more about “why” you loved it, that’s great too. Amazon and Goodreads are great places to leave a review.

4. Tell Your Author You Loved Their Book

Writing can be solitary work. Sure, there’s community in other writers, in critique groups, or conferences. But let’s face it, you cannot publish a book without spending hours on hours (usually alone) writing that book, and then hours upon hours (usually also alone) editing it. The bulk work of writing books is solitary. So if you love a book, if you want your author to write more books like it, write them a note.

It doesn’t have to be long (but it can be). You can mention them in a Tweet, send them a DM on Instagram or Facebook, write a comment on their blog, or comment on their Facebook/Instagram page.

5. Talk About the Books You Love

If you have friends who read, recommend your favorite book or author. Mention the book on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Talk about it to your co-workers or relatives. Post a picture to social media of your face next to the book. Exposure is a big deal. All of the new authors I’ve discovered over the last few years, I’ve found through other people talking about their books on social media.



How do you support your favorite authors?



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In love with words, books and all things related, she can usually be found either reading or writing, or even reading about writing.

She wrote her first story at seven, an illustrated adventure about a troll girl retrieving her doll from the moon. The story was self-published in one copy, and most likely still exists in her mother’s attic.

Since then she’s written numerous stories, and now she is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). Austin writes inspirational romance, working her way toward publication one paragraph at a time.

Apart from all things bookish, her favorite past times include going on adventures with the-best-six-year-old-ever, hanging (more) twinkle lights around the house, or simply watching the waves roll in from the ocean.

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