While I haven’t mastered the topic of “How to Write a Book,” I have learned a few things that I can share.

Here’s my how-to list:

  1. Read lots of books
  2. When you start rewriting the plot of those books in your head, then you know it’s time for you to write your own book.
  3. Read lots of books
  4. Email your favorite author and ask him/her for tips on how to write a book. If they refer you to books on writing then purchase those from Amazon.
  5. Read lots of books
  6. Read blogs on how to write books. Find a podcast on writing to listen to. This website run by author KM Weiland gives essentials plus she hosts a podcast.
  7. Read lots of books
  8. Write, write, write. Hopefully you’ve found a story idea to start with. While it may not be perfect, you’re writing and that’s what’s important.
  9. Read lots of books
  10. Do find a critique group or writing group to join…someone who will read your work. DON’T let your friends or family read your work because, of course, they will love it. You want honest, constructive criticism.
  11. You can probably find the above mentioned group through a national organization: – SCBWI for children’s genre, RWA for anything romance, and ACFW if you want to write specifically for Christian readers.
  12. Read lots of books
  13. Attend a writer’s conference. See #11 above.
  14. Write, write, write
  15. Read lots of books

While there are many more steps after this, I think the above are the core essentials for how to get started. The fun part in this list is how much reading you get to do!

What kind of book have you always wanted to write?