Writing is a lonely job. It requires your seat in the chair and your eyes trained on that blank page.

But what happens when you have a question? Such as “What’s a typical guy reaction to a bad first date?” Well, you can consult the internet or you can connect with other authors via social media. I love that I can ask a question or seek encouragement from someone in Pennsylvania yet feel they are right there answering my question.

Here are some social media groups I’m in:

A Seat at the Table – writers, editors, publishers, and bloggers congregate here. Questions asked range from how to write a proposal to sharing writing achievements.

Love Inspired Authors and Readers group – For fans or Harlequin’s Love Inspired books, this is the place for you. I have an idea in the back of my mind for a book of this type so I’m always watching to see what’s being published.

All the Kissing – This is a general market (non Christian) romance writers group. They discuss publishing houses, plagiarism, and how to name a fake town.

Avid Readers – Want to read a contemporary romance book that deals with a particular topic? Ask here!

And just yesterday I joined a group called Legal Fiction where I can ask legal questions for my manuscript.

But sometimes it’s lonely just interacting online. Which is why I love my critique group.

Allow me to gush about my critique group…

Here’s a recent pic of three of the ladies celebrating an award, an agent signing and a book release.

I love that not only do we talk about writing craft, writing wins, but also what affects our writing (life!). We pray together, write hearts on each other’s manuscripts, and cheer each other on in this journey. I adore these women! In our group we have contemporary romance writers and historical. The historical writers challenge me with terminology, events, and just remembering history LOL.

Sometimes you just need a reminder that you’re not alone in your journey. Where do you find encouragement?