The benefits of romance books

The romance genre is one of the largest categories of fiction. It has loads of sub-genres and even makes its way into other genres right under reader noses.

Romance is also one of the most ridiculed genres. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has felt the need to defend my tastes in literary works.) It’s a shame, really, because romance is a wonderful thing and makes for great reading.

What do romance books offer their readers?


Yes, sometimes we just want to escape into a world where there is a Happy Ever After (HEA) — a place where someone can conquer obstacles and find true love. What other genre offers a HEA most of the time?


There is someone for everyone. Romances highlight those matches. Even though romance characters are fiction, many authors get inspiration for their characters from real life people. How many authors have said that their book hero was loosely based on their real life hero?


In a world where people struggle to find happiness, acceptance and love, romance offers hope. In the pages of a romance we find all of that in the happy ever after.


I didn’t like history when I was in school. If you ask me about historical facts now, I don’t remember most of what I was taught… unless I read about it in a romance. I’ve learned more about history from historical romances than I ever did from my history teachers.


Romance readers are some of the friendliest people. I think it’s because they read so much about love that it seeps into their own lives. I went to a writers conference where the writers were in groups by genre. Which group was laughing the loudest? Yep, you guessed it – the romance writers. It was a tie between romance and fantasy as to who was having the most fun.


It is said that romance readers are in danger of mistaking fiction for reality by having unrealistic expectations of real life love. I disagree. When I was single, romance books taught me what type of man I wanted, what type I didn’t want, and gave me the determination not to settle. When I found my real life hero, my perspective shifted. I still love romances. I still get excited about characters finding true love. I still close the books with a sigh but it is because I better appreciate love and romance now that I have my own.


Romance books are fiction, but they are inspired by real life. They make me thankful for my own romance. Having so many romances books available makes me thankful for the competition that sharpens romance authors. Honestly, romances are some of the best written books around. They have to be. Romance readers are discerning.


I’ve been reading romances since elementary school. Back then, and even into adulthood, I was low key about it. I’d hide my Harlequin romances in the pages of my notebooks. I’d get embarrassed if someone asked me what I was reading. Now I’m proud that I read romances and even prouder that I write them.

Romance books have been so beneficial to me.

Now I’m turning the conversation over to you.

What do romance books offer you?

What do you say to people who ridicule the romance genre?

Loraine Nunley is an author and blogger who grew up near Detroit, Michigan and now lives just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. She is a member of ACFW and writes inspirational romance. In 2017, she was honored to be a finalist in the suspense category of the ACFW First Impressions contest.

Being a romantic at heart, Loraine often finds inspiration for her writing within her own marriage. She has been blessed to find her own real life romantic hero with her husband. Her writing career has included a self-help book about remarriage and a series of children’s books about military aircraft.

When not writing furiously and dreaming up stories, she can be found reading, adding books to her over flowing bookshelves, homeschooling her children, and enjoying time with her family.

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