What this writer is thankful for.

Being a thankful writer

Thanksgiving is upon us. It’s time for family and fun and food and football. I’m looking forward to our family traditions and the break from our normal routine. 🙂 But before I dive into all of those great holiday plans, I want to pause and reflect on what I’m thankful for. Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is truly about?

Here are some things that this writer is thankful for:

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'


For good or bad, I am full of ideas: Ideas about story lines, plot twists, characters, settings, and even how to actually get those ideas to spill out of my brain and onto some paper. Even though I can become completely distracted by a bright, shiny, and new idea, I’m so thankful that I have them to feed my writers brain.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Pen and paper

Like many writers, I carry pen and paper with me just about everywhere I go. You never know when that new idea will come popping up. Where would I be without the means to jot it down so that I won’t forget it later? I’m so thankful that I have almost unlimited access to pens and paper so that my brain doesn’t have to work so hard to remember those ideas.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'


I wish I could say that I am big on journaling. I’ve heard many people swear by keeping a regular journal to help with creating stories. Unfortunately, I can never seem to keep up with journaling long enough to make it a habit. But I do love to use journals for plotting and drafting when I’m not near my computer. I’m so thankful for the lovely colored journals that I can carry around.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'


I love my computer. I am totally dating myself here, but I remember what it was like to type a story out on a typewriter. Back then I was thankful for Liquid White-out. 😉 Now I’m immensely grateful for the ability to delete, edit, and move things around without killing a tree and re-typing thousands of words. Sorry typewriter, but my love has shifted to another…

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'


Speaking of technology, I am really thankful for all of the software that makes my writing life more efficient and entertaining. I discovered Scrivener last year. While I am facing a HUGE learning curve because the software does so much, I am also enjoying discovering the fun things it offers to writers. Another software I’ve got my eye on is Dragon Naturally Speaking. I’m not sure if it would make my writing any more efficient, but it looks like it would be fun to try out.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Writer friends

Oh my dear writer friends. You know my pain and suffering when I’m beating my head against the wall trying to get my characters to behave. You know my joy when I figure out the perfect plot twist. You know my sadness when I have to say good-bye to my finished story. You know my anxiety when I question if I’ve got any talent. I am so thankful for my writer friends. You get me.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Reader friends

And then there are my reader friends. You know who you are. You are the people that I can talk to about Becky Wade’s latest romance. You are my peeps who understand that having a book boyfriend is not actually cheating on my husband. You also get me.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Critique Partners

Where would a writer be without people to impartially look at their story babies? Tough love is hard sometimes, but it is necessary if I want to grow as a writer. I’m so thankful for those people who see promise in my work and put forth effort to see that it gets better.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'


This is on my Christmas wish list. I haven’t found a mentor yet, but would like to have one because I need the guidance of someone with more experience in this writing journey. Even though  I don’t personally have a writing mentor (yet), I am still thankful that there are seasoned writers out there who are mentoring other writers.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'


Places to hang out with other writers and learn about the writing craft, that’s what conferences are. I am very thankful that these places exist so that I am not writing in a bubble. I’ve met so many great people and learned so much from the few conferences that I’ve been able to attend.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'


I cannot say enough about how much I love Pinterest. I love all the ways that I can get inspiration for my stories, settings, and characters. The visual story boards that can be created make it my best friend through the writing process. I am so thankful that I don’t have to tear up any magazines to get those pictures of my hero and heroine. I can just Pin them to a Pinterest board.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Social Media

I’ll admit that there are some things I do not like about social media. However, this is a post about what I am thankful for so I won’t go into the negative. I am thankful that social media has made it possible to reach across the world to connect with people. I love that I can more easily find others who love the books and authors that I do.

What is this writer thankful for? | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Family and Friends

Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful for my family and friends. The people who support this crazy dream I have of telling stories that others want to read. They deal with my distracted writer brain and my roller coaster mood swings when I’m getting critiques or contest feedback. They are the people who know me best and love me anyway. 🙂

Now I’m turning the conversation over to you.

What are you thankful for this holiday season?  

Loraine Nunley is an author and blogger who grew up near Detroit, Michigan and now lives just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. She is a member of ACFW and writes inspirational romance. In 2017, she was honored to be a finalist in the suspense category of the ACFW First Impressions contest.

Being a romantic at heart, Loraine often finds inspiration for her writing within her own marriage. She has been blessed to find her own real life romantic hero with her husband. Her writing career has included a self-help book about remarriage and a series of children’s books about military aircraft.

When not writing furiously and dreaming up stories, she can be found reading, adding books to her over flowing bookshelves, homeschooling her children, and enjoying time with her family.

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