If you could live anywhere…

As a writer, I know the importance of story setting, but I struggle with writing it. I have a reason for that. As a reader I will skip right over descriptions of setting. I want action and setting doesn’t do that for me most of the time. Having said that, I’ve read some books where the settings were so good that, not only did I read those parts, I found myself wanting to live there.

I am a big fan of Hallmark movies, largely because of the settings. I want to live in some place picturesque where people are friendly.

Here are a few places that I would want to live if I lived in Story Land:

Living in Story Land | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Finch, England

The wonderful small English village in Nancy Atherton’s Aunt Dimity mystery series. It’s a sleepy little town filled with older cottages and stone architecture. I probably wouldn’t like all the gossip, but I’m sure I would become fast friends with the heroine, Lori Shepherd. I would hang out at her honey colored cottage and help her solve mysteries.

Living in Story Land | Romance Readers' Cafe'

New York City, New York (early 1900s)

The mansions and shopping that are prominent in all of Jen Turano’s historical romances. I would immerse myself in the fashion of well dressed ladies. I’m sure that Jen’s quirky characters would welcome me into their world. Harriet Peabody, the heroine from After a Fashion, could go shopping for hats with me.

Living in Story Land | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Merryweather, Washington

The little town where Becky Wade’s Bradford Sisters live. I would spend my days hanging out at the Merryweather Historical Village visiting the museums, having drinks at the restaurants, and reading books at the library. Then I would visit with Nora, Willow, and Britt and we would watch Nora’s favorite show at her little home.

Living in Story Land | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Chicory Inn, Missouri

The Bed and Breakfast owned by the Whitman Family in Deborah Raney’s Chicory Inn series. What fun it would be to hang out with the family and friends on those summer nights. I’m from a small family so having family dinners with such a large family would be the highlight of my time there.

Living in Story Land | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Yancy, Alaska

Home to Dani Pettrey’s McKenna family from her Alaskan Courage series. I can just picture myself having one adventure right after another while assisting the family in running their business, Last Frontier Adventures. Of course I would be way more adventurous in Story Land than in real life. πŸ˜‰

Living in Story Land | Romance Readers' Cafe'

Southwest Cornwall, England

Specifically Peter Holstein’s house in Roseanna White’s A Name Unknown. I would help Rosemary Gresham organize Peter’s library and take in the lovely countryside. She had me at library

Living in Story Land | Romance Readers' Cafe'

The House on Foster Hill, Wisconsin

Okay, I would actually NOT want to live anywhere near this place in Jaime Jo Wright’s debut novel. This was one setting that was so fabulously written I am scared of it. It was dark and creepy. I would definitely avoid this home in Story Land.

Now I’m turning the conversation over to you.

Where would you live in Story Land?

What settings have stuck with you long after you’ve finished the book?

Loraine NunleyΒ is an author and blogger who grew up near Detroit, Michigan and now lives just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. She is a member of ACFW and writes inspirational romance. In 2017, she was honored to be a finalist in the suspense category of the ACFW First Impressions contest.

Being a romantic at heart, Loraine often finds inspiration for her writing within her own marriage. She has been blessed to find her own real life romantic hero with her husband. Her writing career has included a self-help book about remarriage and a series of children’s books about military aircraft.

WhenΒ not writing furiously and dreaming up stories, she can be found reading, adding books to her over flowing bookshelves, homeschooling her children, and enjoying time with her family.

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