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Coming soon to a bookshelf near you

Anxiously awaiting… I celebrated a birthday this week. It’s one of those big ones with a Zero at the end of it. 🙂 My oldest daughter, who lives several states away from me, arrived last week to be here for the celebration. From the moment she made her flight arrangements, I counted the days until her arrival. When she did arrive, it was even better than I expected. Don’t you just love the anticipation [...]

Are You A Seasonal Reader?

Technically March 20 is the first day of spring, but as I write this post (on March 10), we have several feet of snow on the ground and a thin layer of ice covering everything. Last week the temperatures were below zero. This week, we should be above freezing. With this kind of weather, it’s hard to remember flip flop days and bonfire nights. It’s also hard for me to relate to fictional characters [...]

Medicinal Romance

Do you have things you struggle with? Problems that keep you up at night sometimes? Things that can't be tidily wrapped up with a bow, but more the kind of thing that feels like it has to be shut in a chest in the attic, only opened in the middle of the night when no one can see or hear it come trashing out? Unwieldy problems you fight alone in the dark? Issues that [...]

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Winter Reading Recommendations

Cuddling up with a good romance. I’m not a big fan of winter weather. The cold that creeps into my bones. The gray days that snuff out the suns bright light. I just want sunlight and nice breezy days. Having spent most of my life in Michigan where winter and its cold grip is inevitable, I do have an appreciation for the glacial beauty that can accompany the season. More importantly I have an [...]

Valentine’s Day: Grand Gestures or Something Sweet?

I’m pretty sure every single (as in unattached) girl dreams of the time when she has a Valentine to celebrate the unofficial day of love. Flowers, candy, romantic dinners. Oo, la, la! Yeah, right. I used to be that schmuck. In high school and college I often wore black on St. Valentine’s Day. The universal protest of the single, flowerless, jealous girl, because let’s be honest—I wasn’t protesting the holiday, I was protesting the [...]

What to do When the Perfect Story Formula is Missing

As an accountant (my day job) I live and die by formulas. It’s how I know that I will arrive at a conclusive answer. Everything has order which I love. This thought process is how I approach books. When I first began to write a story, I just wrote. And wrote. And wrote. When I let an agent read those first few pages, oh my. That dear story is safely tucked away never to see [...]

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