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Writing Places

Where do we write? Settings are important to stories. I talked about different story settings I would love to live in here. I believe that settings are also important to writers because the right atmosphere helps us create the stories that entertain and touch our readers. I thought I would highlight a few places that I'd like to (and sometimes do) write in. Coffee Shop Cliché I know, but there is something about the [...]

My Switch to Clean Romance

I don’t consider myself a deep, philosophical person. I enjoy watching movies from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe … comics), I never buy serious birthday cards for people, and I laugh when people fart. That’s just who I am. When I write, my stories reflect that. I’m not trying to make a statement or present some grand, universal theme in my books, I just want to write something that entertains people. I want them [...]

Does that make sense?

What is your least favorite month? How about season? I love living in a place with four distinct seasons. We’re talking negative temperatures and incredible ice storms in the winter, and triple digit, steam sauna summers. But personally, I’d be okay if winter ended December 26th. That’s why October is one of my favorite months. It’s a lovely and gentle transition from flipflops, cicadas, and suntans, to goose bumps, gray skies, shortened days. As [...]

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Life Imitating Art

“Writing is easy. Just sit down and open a vein.” ~Red Barber Have you ever heard this quote? It’s one of my favorites because it rings so true. When I sit down in front of my computer or I’m jotting notes by hand, one of the first things I do is ‘get into the skin’ of my character and it is sort of like an imaginary blood transfusion between me and this fictional-but-oh-so-real person. [...]

Bookish Moods: Fall Edition

It’s October 1st. My favorite month (and season) has begun! In addition to wearing cute boots, filling big cups with steaming tea, and decorating my apartment with leaf garlands and pumpkins, I make sure to gather all my favorite fall books around me. I love reading books in season. It can be hard to get into a Christmas book while the a/c is pumping and the sun is relentlessly beating down. And then if [...]

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Living in Story Land

If you could live anywhere... As a writer, I know the importance of story setting, but I struggle with writing it. I have a reason for that. As a reader I will skip right over descriptions of setting. I want action and setting doesn't do that for me most of the time. Having said that, I've read some books where the settings were so good that, not only did I read those parts, I [...]