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When More Is Better: New Author Hitting the Scene!

The only thing better than a good book is another good book! And I can’t believe I’m finally saying this, but … My debut novel has a release date! That’s right. After eleven years of writing and submitting, Elk Lake Publishing is going to publish my first novel, and it’s a perfect fit for the Romance Reader’s Café – it’s a contemporary, Christian story with a healthy dose of romance! It’s actually my second [...]

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I Want To Marry Casper Christiansen

But I can’t, because I’m already married to Marcus Olsson. Just for a minute though, let me tell you how I met Casper. The other day I realized for eleven years in a row I traveled to foreign countries, usually more than one per year. From discovering first edition Dickens novels in abandoned Mayan ruins, to talking my way out of getting arrested in Turkey, to ringing the bells of a centuries old cathedral [...]

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Let our Independence bring us together!

Happy Fourth of July, Romance Readers! Because life is just like this sometimes, the post I had wanted to write for today did not come to fruition. It was not for a lack of trying either. My computer refused to cooperate and literally ate up and swallowed away the post I'd started into the black oblivion of lost documents (probably the same place lonely, single socks hang out). So, here we are, the day [...]

A Romance Writer’s Supporting Characters

Surprise, surprise. It’s the fourth Tuesday of the month. Again. My monthly post on this blog comes around only every 4-5 weeks. Yet, without fail it takes me by surprise. It’s not a bad surprise, by any means. I enjoy being a part of The Romance Readers’ Cafe. But I also wish my brain would stick 'monthly blog post reminder' somewhere closer to the front, and leave slightly less important facts like ‘life cycles [...]

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Do you love the library?

Free Books! Got your attention didn't I? Who doesn't love free books? Oh the joy of having wonderful stories available to you at no cost. I'm all for supporting authors. I believe we should purchase books. And I do. Lots and lots of them. More than I will ever read, but that is another story. 😉 Today I want to talk about the best place to find books to love without going broke. Libraries. [...]

All the Snuggles

Admit it: your favorite part of a romance novel is the first kiss. It’s okay, this is a safe space. You can be honest. We’re all here for the same reason – we love clean, contemporary romance. We’re not looking for sex or swearing, but that kiss … There’d better be at least one, and I want it to make my heart twitter! I’m a big fan of kissing. It shouldn’t surprise me. I’ve [...]

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