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Decision Time…

Eighteen months ago, five authors shared a vision of creating a place to talk about and promote clean, contemporary romance. Our vision included a community of like-minded readers excited to join the conversation! A few people have joined the community, but it's small. And blogging is hard. And being a writer isn't just about writing anymore. We have to think about platform and marketing and networking that most readers don't want to hear about. [...]

5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Author

Hi all, I've been away from the blog for a while. I have not spent my time writing a literary masterpiece (I wish), I’ve just been very sick (yes, for months, it hasn’t been fun). The upside is that I’ve had lots of time to read and listen to books. Several of the 31 books I’ve read this year have been debut novels or one of the first few books from an indie author. [...]

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The Elusive Muse

Where is my muse today? Muse is a funny thing. It shows up at the most unexpected times particularly when a pen and paper aren’t handy -- Like during a shower or right before deep sleep invades at night. Writers have a love-hate relationship with the muse. Some of the most awesome ideas come from those times where muse is visiting. We love that. But other times, when the muse is hiding or just [...]

How to Write a Book

While I haven't mastered the topic of "How to Write a Book," I have learned a few things that I can share. Here's my how-to list: Read lots of books When you start rewriting the plot of those books in your head, then you know it's time for you to write your own book. Read lots of books Email your favorite author and ask him/her for tips on how to write a book. If [...]

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The Writer’s Life: The Easy Life by Karin Beery

I’m a couple of days late with this post, but for good reason. I’ve been sick as a dog for a week now. I thought for sure it would come and go in a couple of days, but this is Day 7 now and I sound like a frog. This hasn’t been good for my writing (don’t tell my agent, but when I get sick like this, the first thing I cut from my [...]

Hello, Goodbye: Changing Seasons

So, I want to start out by saying that writing for the Romance Readers’ Café has been a joy. It has stretched me as a writer and gave me a deadline every month—which I sometimes missed! But it gave me a chance to write about the things that were on my mind and heart in regard to writing, reading, and whatever else I loosely tied to the two! And I appreciate the opportunity to [...]