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Living in Story Land

If you could live anywhere... As a writer, I know the importance of story setting, but I struggle with writing it. I have a reason for that. As a reader I will skip right over descriptions of setting. I want action and setting doesn't do that for me most of the time. Having said that, I've read some books where the settings were so good that, not only did I read those parts, I [...]

The Gift of Failure (and Free Books!)

Think of it like being in high school: you start as a Freshman, then advance to a Sophomore, then Junior. After your Senior year, you graduate with a published novel! As a new author, I received this advice regarding a well-known novel-writing program. At the time, it really excited me – I was already a year into my writing journey, so I fully expected to have a published book in three years! That was [...]

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When are you getting published?

I get asked this question often by friends and family, and thought I’d share the amazing news! I’m publishing my first book…someday 😊 I know, I baited you. But if you keep reading I will expound. Getting published is, in part, a personal decision. For me, the first question is—am I ready? A few years ago I would’ve said “Full steam ahead yes!” Oh dear. Putting that work into the hands of the public [...]

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The Friends Behind the Romance

Happy belated Labor Day Romance Readers’ Café patrons! Anyone else have their little (or not so little) ones going back to school today? Any tears? Maybe some cheers? Is your head still spinning like mine with the crazy busyness that is the last month of summer gone by, and like me, are you wondering where it all went? Well, my friend, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage and take a seat and [...]

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The Hardest Thing About Writing

Here I am again. My monthly installment on this blog, yet again, came as a colossal surprise. I had a grand idea about what to write about this month, but that was sometime closer to the middle of the month, and I don’t know what it was. . . What I thought I’d write about instead is this: one of the things I find the hardest about writing. * It’s not the writing [...]

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Summer Reading Recommendations

Summer reading and having a blast. How has your summer been, thus far? My summer has been filled with hot days, housework, writing, and oral surgery (not my own, but stressful none the less). I've spent many hours indoors and have managed to squeeze in my favorite pastime -- reading. My to-be-read (TBR) pile is huge and never ending. I read a book from the list and about 10 more take its place, but [...]