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What makes a page turner romance?

I went through a patch of reading several romance books for review purposes that I struggled to finish for various reasons. They were decent stories, some with outstanding writing, some with good characters, but overall, I could put the book down in the middle and not pick it back up. Onto the next one right? Then my streak of "okay" was broken by a streak of page turners. The ones I [...]

A Slight Departure: Mikal’s Sonnet #1

I know this isn’t a typical blog post, but I couldn’t help myself. So I borrowed a little bit from Elizabeth Barrett Browning (it’s public domain). I would tell you to enjoy, buuuut…I stink at poetry. You’ve been warned. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee for the sigh and giggle and swoon My soul can feel, as if flying to the moon. For the endless romance that [...]

My Husband, My Hero

Before you get the wrong idea: no, my husband never saved me from a burning building, nor has he given me a kidney. To be honest, I’m lucky if he manages to get both socks in the hamper. He considers camouflage a “neutral” that can be worn with anything (including plaid) and last year for Christmas he got four new LEGO sets. My husband is essentially a giant 9-year-old in a truck-driving redneck's body. [...]

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Creation: My creative muse

Freshly fallen snow crunched beneath my boots. I almost hated to mar its surface, but the sharp, sweet scent of the evergreens welcomed me in. Barren oaks creaked and clacked together, beckoning me forward. Who says the great white northern winter isn’t beautiful? Last week, my children and I set out to capture the splendor with a new camera after a big winter storm dropped half a foot of snow in 24 hours. And [...]

My Meet Cute

Did you know the moment your life was about to change? In romantic fiction the two main characters often start off oblivious to impending love. Sometimes they’re even opposed to the idea. But the reader has an inkling, and that’s what makes their meeting cute. A meet cute is the scene where the hero and heroine meet. The idea behind the term is that the future love interests can’t simply be introduced by mutual [...]

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Why Romance?

I write because I'm a writer. But why do I write Romance? Isn't it at best fluff? Honestly? I thought so, for a while. I bought into the lie that fiction is a waste of time. Because why wouldn’t you rather spend your days doing something useful? Or at least read a book that could teach you a new skill? But then? Then I fell in love. I fell in love with romance as [...]